5 Best Gaming Channels on YouTube

5 Best Gaming Channels on YouTube

Gaming channels are among the most popular content on YouTube, since the pandemic started these channels are becoming even more popular.  Gamers look for other gaming enthusiasts, reviews of new releases, and tips and tricks for getting through the game.  So who should you pay attention to and which channels should you tune into?  Here is a list of the 5 best gaming channels on YouTube that you need to check out.


By far the most popular of all of the internet gaming channels out there with a whopping 109 million subscribers.  This channel has been around since 2010 and mostly features the popular Let’s Play series where he talks about first-person games. After 10 years on YouTube, PewDiePie has set the standard for YouTubers everywhere.


With a respectable 28 million subscribers, his passion for gaming is evident in every video he shoots.  Markiplier became of the 100 most subscribed channels all the way back in 2014 and has been a smash hit ever since.  Each vid conveys a positive attitude and enthusiasm for gaming that his viewers love and relate to.


Hailing from Canada, Evan Fong is known by the moniker VanossGaming.  The channel was created back in 2011 after Fong dropped out of college and now stands as the 13th most subscribed-to channel on the platform.  The channel highlights Evans and the Banana Bus Squad, a group of friends, playing mostly esports games.


Richard Tyler Blevins or Ninja, as you might recognize him, comes from the professional gaming world and started his channel back in 2011.  With 24 million subscribers his channel is sitting pretty.  If you are a Fortnite fan then this is a channel that you will want to check out.  He has one of the largest Fortnite communities on the platform.


Now let’s head across the pond to Ireland and meet Sean William McLoughlin.  He created his channel way back in 2007 and is the oldest channel on this list, he built his channel and now has more than 26 million subscribers.  There are a bunch of different playlists you can check out including one dedicated to Minecraft and another dedicated to Fortnite.  Back in 2016, he signed up with Revelmode, a company owned by PewDiePie and that was sure to help him grow his channel.

If you’re an avid gamer then you have probably come across one or two of these channels looking for some tips or tricks on your favorite game.  All of these are worth checking out the next time you put down the controller.