Console or PC?

Console or PC?

Is gaming better on a PC or a console has been a debate since the first PlayStation was launched, the launch of Xbox, a Microsoft product, made the debate even more intense.  That debate has been raging for nearly two decades now and PC users still swear that they have the better platform and consoles users say the same about consoles.  So which should you pick?  Let’s see the perks of both.

PC Gaming

PC gaming enthusiasts swear that gaming on a PC is the best and yes, there are perks to using a PC.  There are services like Steam that allow you to play while they take care of things like updates.  Games are cheaper and easy to buy, with just a click of the mouse.  Upgrading hardware is easily done and a gaming PC can last you for years.  Whereas with a console you will be buying a new one every couple of years.  The drawback is that a good gaming PC with all the peripherals is double the price of a gaming console.

Console Gaming

Consoles have come a long way and now they come with nearly every feature you can get from PC gaming.  In addition to that, they are the very definition of easy, you connect them start up your game, and go.  They have a huge selection of games and some of the big game launches are only available on a console.  Both Sony and Microsoft have their own online storefronts with some incredible deals on games.  The big drawback to console gaming is replacing the console every two or three years and deciding whether you want to go with PlayStation or Xbox.

Honorable Mention

Before we go any further in the console versus PC debate it should be mention that mobile gameplay is set to overtake them both.  Bear in mind that it is a completely different experience and both console and PC gamers will play on mobile.  What else are you going to do while standing in line at Starbucks waiting for your latte?  The quality of the game is never going to compare nor will it ever likely draw the same amount of revenue as PC or consoles but it is here to stay.

What to Choose

While this debate has been raging forever you have probably already picked your favorite platform and have your favorite games.  There is no better time to get into gaming no matter what platform you choose…even mobile.