The Graphical Future of Gaming: AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution

AMD's FSR and ForSpoken: The game gunning for the "highest quality visuals ever seen in an open-world game"

Open world role-playing games are often impressive in terms of the world they create, but Square Enix, Inc. is going one step further with a game that could potentially be the best-looking game ever. The game in question is ForSpoken, a PlayStation 5 exclusive that will take advantage of the next-gen engine within the PlayStation 5 and utilise AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Technology, which looks set to be a game-changer for graphical prowess.

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What is AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution?

FidelityFX Super Resolution

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution makes use of machine learning to reconstruct lower resolution images which give them more clarity.

This, in turn, lowers the power needed to produce 4K resolution natively and gives the developers more options when creating their game worlds, which means bigger, more in-depth worlds that will be visually stunning and give 60 fps as well standard. If we add this to the Ray Tracing capabilities talked about in our previous article, the FidelityFX Super Resolution looks to be a natural challenger to Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. Still, it goes one better with an open-source codebase, which allows developers easy access to it.

FSR uses a collection of cutting-edge algorithms with a particular emphasis on creating super high-quality edges, giving large performance improvements compared to rendering at native resolution directly.

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Technology

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution has four different quality settings on offer: Ultra Quality, Quality, Balanced, and Performance. At the top, FSR Ultra Quality reduces the vertical and horizontal resolution of an image and delivers faster frame rates wile keeping as much detail as possible. In FSR Ultra Quality mode, image quality is almost indistinguishable from the target native resolution.

By the time we make our way down the quality presets to Performance mode, the input is just half the resolution in either direction compared to the output image. But realistically, the image quality compromise can be a bit more noticeable and we would normally opt for Quality or Ultra Quality modes.

"With Forspoken, we are aiming to achieve the highest quality visuals ever seen in an open-world game"


Luminous Production’s studio head and general manager, Takashi Aramaki, recently discussed the ease of adding the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution into ForSpoken from Luminous Studios. According to Aramaki, they needed only a single day to integrate FSR into ForSpoken. Aramaki, said

“With Forspoken, we are aiming to achieve the highest quality visuals ever seen in an open-world game”.
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What does this mean for us gamers?

Both AMD and Nvidia are now competing for the best graphics in a rapidly evolving technological race. We, in turn, will benefit with not only more choice concerning graphics cards, but every game that is produced will not only look fantastic but also give us games that will feel more immersive.

ForSpoken (Formerly known as Project Athia) was first announced at Sony’s PS5 reveal in 2020 as a PS5 exclusive. A new action RPG from Square Enix, Inc. but when is ForSpoken coming out? we already know it will be released in 2022 but you can watch the Official Title Trailer

Square Enix, Inc. says that players will embark on a “thrilling, otherworldly adventure” as Frey and “face treacherous trials” when they unearth the mysteries of Athia and “awaken something much more from within”.

best looking game ever

ForSpoken will not only be a game-changer in visual enhancements for gaming. It has also been developed by Luminous Productions to take advantage of the PS5’s power and will be a true next-gen experience. Square Enix, Inc. says that players will embark on a “Thrilling, otherworldly adventure” where they unearth the mysteries of Athia and “Awaken something more within”.

In ForSpoken, players take on the role of Frey, brought to life by actor Ella Balinska, as you journey through the dangerous lands of Athia. Frey must learn to survive by harnessing magical abilities as she faces fearsome enemies and overcomes dangerous trials on a journey never before seen.