What Goes Into Making a Really Great Game

What Goes Into Making a Really Great Game

We spend hours a day playing our favorite games without giving much of a thought as to what goes into developing a game.  Developing games is big business, with gaming companies spending millions trying to bring a game to the market.  Even those silly mobile games like Candy Crush that we play on our phones spent a lot of time in development.  So besides a ton of money, what goes into making a really great game?  Let’s have a look at what makes a great game.

Start with a Story

Even those small games like Candy Crush have some type of backstory it is one of the features that make gamers care about the game.  Big MMORPG games have stories weaved into impressive graphics.  All of the first-person shooter games that are played on consoles have a story.  Stories give your gamers a purpose and a reason to keep playing.

Good Graphics

Graphics have come a long way, it is one of the best parts of gaming.  Characters are lifelike, colors are rich and vibrant and fight scenes and explosions are amazing.  Good graphics are also one of the things that drive the cost of gaming.

The Music

There have been some very big names in the music industry that have lent their work to video game soundtracks, Eminem’s music is on at least 5 different games.  Even your basic matching games have catchy tunes.  While music won’t make or break a good game it definitely enhances the experience.

Missions and Levels

It doesn’t matter if it is a simple game or something as complex as World of Warcraft, if you want to keep your players engaged then there needs to be some type of goal for them to reach.  Almost every game out there has different levels, usually getting progressively more difficult with different missions to complete along the way.

The Game Has to Flow

Whether you play a first-person shooter game or an MMORPG the game needs to flow smoothly from one task to the next.  Game developers include all kinds of twists and turns to keep the players engaged and entertained.  Regardless of the type of game, there are usually bonuses and hidden gems along the way.  Most also end the game with a final mission that is the most complex and difficult of all.

A good game doesn’t happen by accident it is a well-thought-out and structured collection of ideas.  The developers consider every aspect of the game from the storyline to the graphics.  Most players have no idea of the amount of work that goes into developing a game.